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Babies have been killed in America by surgical abortion since January 22, 1973

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(8-20-01 8:33pm) added burt reynolds holocaust pics

(5-15 1:31am) woo..added 2 pics to the pics of me page...wwjd!!!!(what would jorge do)

(3/29 2:05 pm) got my domain.. changed the banner/logo to

(3/28 12:27 pm) added and deleted my new animated logo those of you who got the pleasure of experiencing it...consider yourself very lucky...oh yeah..i also put some pics of my car up on the friends page

(3/27 10:48 pm) deleted games page

(3/27 10:47 pm) added games page and the fade in/out effect

(3/26 4:32 pm) added team loco graphic (provided by shawn dalrymple)

(3/22 9:30 pm) i had to take the animation water effect off my banner because it was causing a conflict with ftp

(3/19 3:30 pm) accidentally deleted the guest book, i made a few changes to the pics page and added some new pics

(3/17 12:25am) added java water effect to homepage banner

(3/15 1:15pm) added the guestbook (sign it!!!)

(3/14 4:13pm) added the counter

(3/14 4:03pm) added new graphic to site

(3/14 3:53pm) just added the "poetry" page and changed the look of the home page

(3/13 10:00pm) site uploaded